About Us

Be recognized for providing the highest standards of product quality, customer satisfaction, and customer service in the wig and human hair industry.

Provide our customers with exceptionally styling, high quality products, personalized custom wigs and human hair pieces while delivering a unique buying experience.

Mia Rain was started in 2016 by Mia D. Turner to provide women with high quality/stylish wigs and human hair sew-in products. In 2018, Mia D. Turner and Herschell L. Harvell partnered to expand the Mia Rain hair brand. They created Mia Rain Hair Boutique which is based in Atlanta, Georgia. Mia Rain Hair Boutique is developed to provide its customers with forward trending styles, high quality products, exceptional customer service and a very personalized wig and human hair buying experience.
Mia Rain understands that there are numerous women and men who are looking for high quality human hair wigs and sew-ins at a budget they can afford while attaining the style and look they are seeking.
Hair loss is an emotional adjustment and customers prefer to seek a more private environment to discuss their hair needs. We understand this and are committed to providing all our customers with an atmosphere that allows them to be comfortable and open to reaching the look they desire.
Mia Turner is an exceptional hair stylist with a long family history in the hair care industry. Her many years as a cosmetologist has resulted in a keen eye for developing beautiful hair styles and an exceptional wig designer and human hair sew-in professional.
Herschell L. Harvell’s expertise is in business development, management and marketing. Herschell, who has an eye for fashion, has taken trending fashion queues from his daughter, Rasheeda Frost, co-star (Love and Hip Hop Atlanta and recording artist). Along with Mia Turner, this partnership looks to make Mia Hair Boutique a worldwide leader in the wig and fashion industry.

We provide a large variety of human hair wigs, including celebrity styles, classic lace human hair wigs, and custom wigs. Whether you are looking for short, med-length or long wigs, miarainhairboutique.com has the best quality human hair wigs just for you. Affordable prices for all human hair wigs and easy returns. BTW, want to bring your own design? No problem! Custom wigs are also available at miarainhairboutique.com just contact our customer service team for quotes!